Today’s business environment mandates that strategic planning be a core competency for business growth and survival. A traditional business plan is not enough. Companies today need a strategic planning approach that challenges leadership to take a candid look both at the internal organization, as well as the external competitive landscape. Does your value proposition translate into marketplace leadership? Is the organization focused on a business strategy that conforms or leads? Is a preemptive strategy a foreign concept? Tarkington Partners (TP) provides comprehensive strategic planning services with an engaging approach that focuses on helping companies develop winning strategies that drive long term exponential growth and profits. TP has a proven track record in the art of planning, and assists organizations in developing a strategic planning discipline that focuses on one thing…delivering sustainable results that translate to the bottom line.


There comes a time in the life of most all private companies when a business owner’s ability to monetize all those years of hard work with a clear exit strategy becomes critically important. Is there a strategy in place to ensure this once in a lifetime opportunity is maximized? Is merger or acquisition most appropriate? Is the company prepared in all facets to achieve the highest possible enterprise value? Are the strategic plan and recast financial statements updated?

As principal, do you have a trusted confidant and advisor to help you in this important and often emotion packed process? Tarkington Partners (TP) has first-hand expertise in developing strategies to maximize the monetization of your business. TP stands ready and capable to assist as trusted advisor in determining the appropriate strategies necessary for a successful exit and prosperous monetization of your business.


Few would argue about the importance of operational excellence, although few organizations achieve it. Everyone knows operational excellence drives customer satisfaction, process improvement, efficiency, and ultimately a high return on investment. The important question is what drives operational excellence? Is operational excellence a part of the DNA of your organization? Does the organization understand the philosophy of “management by fact”? Is the organization tracking the right key performance measures? Is there buy-in throughout the organization on all operational standards and stretch targets? Tarkington Partners (TP) has the experience and ability to assist in leading the operational excellence campaign in your organization. TP understands what needs to be measured, how to engage key stakeholders, and how to drive significant improvement in all key areas tied to operational excellence.


Growth via merger/acquisition is common, and an excellent strategy to grow and seize market share. It’s also dangerous and rarely successful. There is more to lose than gain in most mergers and acquisitions. Does your company have an acquisition strategy? Is there a pre- and post-integration plan? Is there a strategy in place to ensure the merger/acquisition is accretive in year one? What are the unknown land mines and variables to consider in a merger/acquisition. Tarkington Partners (TP) has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and can assist in all the critical components of a successful transaction and integration. TP works with companies to develop an acquisition strategy and integration plan that avoids costly mistakes and ensures the execution of a “1+1=3” strategy.


Companies exist to generate revenue. Sales growth will cure just about all company ills, and revenue trumps cost control all day long. Yes, expense control is important, but without revenue, expense control doesn’t matter. No company ever cost cut their way to fame and market leadership. Revenue growth is critical to the survival and viability of any organization. Is your organization generating double digit sales growth every year on a consistent basis? Is it expected? Are new revenue streams being discovered? Is your salesforce content? Are your marketing strategies tired and marginally effective? Tarkington Partners (TP) is adept at assisting organizations in driving exponential revenue growth. TP has decades of experience in the areas of sales, marketing, salesforce management and compensation, and creating new revenue streams that seize opportunities in the marketplace. If your revenues are flat-lining or competition has the upper hand, allow TP to assist in reversing the trend and getting your sales engine back into high gear.


New businesses require cash to launch. Growing companies eat cash. It’s impossible to launch a new business or sustain a high growth business without capital. Accessing capital at the right time, in the right way, is critical to business success. These are business realities. There are many options when it comes to raising capital, and many questions arise. What is the best route to take? Debt? Equity? Mezzanine? Angel? Venture Capital? Private Equity? The fact is, all money is not good money, and it’s both an art and a science to effectively raising the right capital for your business. TP has considerable experience in raising capital for both new business launches, as well as mature high growth companies. TP has an extensive network of potential capital partners and can assist in all facets of capital infusion: business valuation, document preparation, company positioning, investor introduction, capital facilitation, and in certain cases, direct investment.